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iBit Progress was established in 2017 in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv. Since then, we have successfully delivered numerous hi-tech products of different complexity. We are always ready to share our experience, and best technological practises to deliver web and mobile solutions.

Our main area of expertise is devoted to the development of web and mobile applications. We have also built several cross-platform mobile applications with React Native for Europe- based e-commerce companies. Moreover, we have broad experience in creating web applications and web tools.

Our project portfolio includes custom software solutions for hotel-booking systems, vacation planners, marketplace inventory management systems, product listing optimization tools (for eBay). Simultaneously, we have worked on job-search tools and price comparison platforms.

Apart from this, we are currently building web and mobile applications in PHP, Java, JavaScript, Swift, C, C ++ and many other technologies according to clients’ requests. We also provide technical support for production machines in the field of optimization and process automation. We have created and developed IT projects, including CRM and ERP systems. We are a bunch of young people who appreciate captivating designs, great music, quality code and a friendly work atmosphere. We are digital wizards doing hi-tech magic. Any of your dreams can be turned into a fabulous website or incredible mobile app.

All of your visions can be reflected in a thriving high-tech product. Just hand over your ideas and enjoy the top-quality on each stage of the implementation process – from making the first prototype until delivering end product based on the highest technology standards.

our core values

  • Our priority is to help you catch up with technology landscape, and implement design, development and support solutions to fit the customers’ needs and budgets.
  • We are always on the ball, transforming customers’ ideas into robust web and mobile products.
Our Portfolio
Finished projects
Awards won

Working Process

We offer out-of-the-box problem-solving scenarios.

  • planning & analysis

    Project auditing and creation of the basic software product approach. Identifying the main checkpoints of growing in the market niche.

    Project tasks prioritizing and preparing Requirement Specification based on your vision of the project. Determining the strategies of minimizing the risks which might occur during the project implementation.

  • design & implementation

    Creating the visual prototype of the product with compliance of intuitive user-centred UI/UX patterns and modern technologies.

    Development of the high load back-end and front-end tasks, databases. Implementation of the project logic according to the Requirement Specification.

  • testing & deployment and maintenance

    On this stage, the product is tested for defects on required devices and browsers until it meets the original specifications.

    Project realization and deployment, adjusting its features according to the end-users’ requirements. We provide an easy project completion and efficient maintenance.


Our Skills

Full staff:
In our team there are enough employees to carry out any number of tasks. Also - interchangeability of employees, which allows in case of illness or another factor do not break the terms and quality of work.







architecture - Distributed Systems, Microservices, Service-oriented, REST, Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing, СQRS, Layered and Tiered, Client-server, Component-based, Rule-based.
Languages/ Scripts - Node.js, Solidity, Golang, C, C#, PHP, Java, Scala, Swift
front-end frameworks & libraries - ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, VueJS, React Native
Cloud - Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, SiteGround
Database design & Development - MS SQL Server, MySQL SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, NoSQL
CMS - WordPress, Magento, Kentico, Sitefinity, Shopify, Ecwid, BigCommerce, WooCommerce

Video presentation about our startup on smart homes from our Company iBiT Progress

what we do

We are providing IT solutions that help our clients run their business more effectively.

AR/VR Implementation

The techniques of Augmented and Virtual Reality are continuously developing in a zippy tempo. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes virtual objects over a real environment making the feelings of their real-time presence. Virtual Reality (VR) is a three-dimensional computing environment. The user feels his belonging to this environment and can perform a set of actions there. AR and VR are now the crucial elements to gain business efficiency by visual guidance and interaction in such areas as marketing, production, training, modelling, design and engineering.

Mobile application development

A mobile application is a must-have software program under the rapid life pace. Leveraging the best practises of mobile development, the clients’ ideas can get a digital reflection in state-of-art mobile apps. Native IOS and Android mobile applications and cross-platform mobile apps are built on the newest technological platforms and frameworks.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a vital part of the tech industry by providing smart scenarios performing human-like tasks engaging machines. Apply data-driven AI tools to empower your business operations with agile real-time solutions. Get intelligent problem-solving options and reasonable insights for driving your business, extracting value from data and leveraging AI services.

UI/UX development

User Interface (UI) denotes how the user sees the software product. The company increases its revenue by attracting the clients while crafting intuitive and suitable user interface. User experience (UX) reflects a user’s interactions with the end product. Our user-centred design approach results in delivering captivating products with convenient user experience.

IoT solution development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of connected sensors, devices and cloud computing that enable data transmission over a network without the required interactions with humans and computers. Presently, IoT takes place in all life spheres. IoT solution development makes a smart impact on organizational performance, turning evolving technological trends into booming business opportunities.

DevOps on request

Cloud or local software infrastructure requires proper monitoring, maintenance and improvement. DevOps is the set of methodologies that efficiently combines software development and information-technology operations. Our experienced DevOps consultancy helps companies of any size optimize software development and achieve greater efficiency with qualified software delivery cycles, easily maintained and operated services and applications.

Custom software development

Nowadays, each business requires impactful custom solutions to keep on track. The Custom Software Development is centred on meeting the needs of a particular enterprise and turning a company into a victorious market player with a unique software product or application. Our experienced practises of custom software creation, deployment and maintenance is a helping hand for the clients, resulting in efficient and profitable business operations.

Automation and manual QA


Quality Assurance is an indispensable part of any IT project. Bugs detecting and technical issues resolving are crucial procedures on a way to flawless software product performance. Manual QA refers to manual testing when quality engineers examine software defects from the user’s perspective following a test plan which consists of a number of test cases. Automation comes in place of Manual QA to lessen the testing time and expenses. Automation QA is based on using automation testing tools, increasing the speed of test execution and enhancing the efficiency of software performance.

Blockchain development

Our team of Solidity Developers can create smart contracts for crowdfunding, blind auctions, exchange, voting and different blockchain based applications. We have successfully deployed 80+ smart contracts and worked on 15 blockchain projects.

Web application development

Web development is a significant part of a company’s marketing strategy helping to attract clients and reaching new market niches. Make your business flourishing under digital transformation with SEO-optimized websites and custom web applications based on up-to-date advanced technologies. Easy-to-use websites with intuitive user interface and convenient navigation will highlight the uniqueness of your business concepts.

Technologies we work with

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