About the project:

On the market since 1996. We are engaged in repair, installation and replacement of autoglass.
And also: toning, anti-gravel armoring of a body, glasses, headlights, anti-vandal armoring of side glasses, toning of office buildings, summer residences, houses (polyurethane, architectural films).

Site type: Corporate site

Project duration: 2 years.


  • Develop a project design
  • Develop a CRM system
  • Connect and configure databases
  • Carry out the necessary SEO work
  • Connect additional services


  • Developed project design
  • Written CRM system to automate all processes
  • Connected and configured databases
  • Necessary SEO works are carried out
  • Necessary additional services are connected

Technologies used: JavaScript, PHP, WordPress.

Team:  Full Stack Dev,  Copywriter, Marketer, SEO Specialist, Designer UI / UX.

Project Link:

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