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About the project:
Since 2016, Biton has been realizing the small dreams and big plans of many customers.
You can find almost everything in Biton. They sell at affordable prices and provide a guarantee, because they believe that online shopping must be comfortable and safe.
The online store sells household goods for everyone’s needs at retail and wholesale. They offer exactly what you have been looking for.
The project uses Blockchain technologies with reasonable contracts. This section is currently under development.
Site type: online store, Marketplace.
Project duration: 2 years.
- Create a project design
- Create a site and make it adaptive
- Create your own CRM system for business management
- Connect automatic databases
- Integrate with e-commerce services
- Created project design
- Website created
- Created its own CRM system for business management
- Work has begun on creating your own cryptocurrency
- The entire administrative part of the brand service is displayed in the CRM admin
- Connected and configured database that generates reports from sellers to accounting for all
- Participants in e-commerce
- Connected accounting services
- E-commerce services are connected
- Integration of the platform with payment services
- Implemented SEO and SMM strategies
- The company is listed in the top in search
Project Manager, Designer UI / UX, Marketer, 2 Front-end Middle Developer, 2 Back-end Middle Developer, Full Stack Blockchain Developer, SEO, and SMM, Copywriter.
  • TECHNOLOGIES : Open Cart, CodeIgnitor, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, Delphi, Blockchain, Smart – Contracts.
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