About the project:

Online-restaurant in Lviv with Eco delivery throughout the city and its environs.
The company delivers food by electric cars and relies on Ukrainian suppliers.

The project is currently being rebranded.

The iBiT Progress team fully launched the company, branded and promoted the company.

Site type: Online store

Project duration: 2 years


  • Develop project design and brand design
  • Develop a website
  • Develop a CRM system (to manage business and increase sales efficiency)
  • Carry out the necessary SEO and SMM work
  • Develop applications
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Full launch of the company, work on the brand
  • Bringing the company to the top of search engines


  • Website design created
  • Created the design of the brand, all its products
  • Website created
  • Created applications
  • Created CRM system (sales management and automation, documentation management, analytics,complete business management)
  • Developed marketing strategy
  • Necessary SEO and SMM works were carried out
  • The company was fully launched
  • All work on the promotion of this brand
  • A number of advertising campaigns were conducted over several months
  • The company is ranked in the top in search engines
  • Necessary work on the brand’s reputation in the network has been carried out
  • Created a trademark

Technologies used: PHP, Laravel,  JavaScript, WordPress, Flutter, Ionic.

Team: Project Manager, 2 Designer UI / UX, 2 Full Stack Dev Senior, Full Stack Mobile Dev, SEO Specialist, SMM Specialist, Digital Marketer, Internet Marketer, Copywriter.

Web, iOS & Android Application
Project Link:

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