Real Estate in America


About the project:

Website for a company in the field of Real Estate in America. The project is under construction.

They know absolutely everything about real estate and stand out as leaders in providing high quality professional services with proven skills and experience, strong local knowledge, experience in international real estate and global marketing achievements.

Their goal is to create the best results for their customers through an innovative and energetic approach.

Site type: marketplace.

Project duration: 1 year.


  • Develop a project design
  • Develop a website
  • Develop a CRM system (sales management and automation and documentation)
  • Connect databases
  • Carry out the necessary SEO work


  • Developed project design
  • The site is in the process of implementation

Technologies used: Angular, Nod.js, JS, Flutter.

Team: Project Manager, Designer UI / UX, 2 Full Stack Dev, Marketer, Copywriter.

Project Link:
in process
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