About the project:

Website for the All-Ukrainian public organization “Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine”.

Has his pedigree since May 14, 2005.

Association of beekeepers of Ukraine for joint actions for the development of civil society, approval of the worldview of a wise attitude to nature and man, revival of the traditions of Ukrainian beekeeping, rehabilitation of the nation with beekeeping products.

Site type: Corporate site

Project duration: 12 years.


  • Develop a project design
  • Develop a website
  • Carry out the necessary SEO work




  • Created project design
  • Website created
  • Necessary SEO works are carried out
  • The site is listed in the top search


Technologies used: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, WordPress.

Team: Designer UI / UX, Full Stack Dev, SEO Specialist, Copywriter.


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