About the project:

Bulletin board for buying, selling and renting real estate in England.

The company’s Kew Estate Agents mission is to help clients buy real estate in England, find a better partner, agency or developer for them, in the market segment where they want to buy real estate, advise on all aspects of the purchase process and future property, achieve the most favorable conditions for our client. acquisition, minimize risks and provide the highest quality and professional service.

Site type: bulletin board

Project duration: 4 years.


  • Create a project design
  • Create a site
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Connect the CRM system
  • Conduct SEO work



  • Created project design
  • Website created
  • CRM system connected
  • Compiled marketing strategy
  • Carried out SEO and SMM work
  • The site is listed in the top search


Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, HTML

Team: Project Manager, Full Stack Senior Dev, Full Stack Middle Dev, SMM / SEO Specialist, Marketer, Designer UI / UX, Copywriter.


Project Link:

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