About the project:

Website for a company in Canada that deals with baking cookies.

At La Biscuitery, from the moment you pass your order, we strive to make your cookie experience the tastiest and freshest! All cookie packages (box, 6-pack & 2-pack) are baked, cooled and sealed right away to ensure freshness.

So thank you for shopping at La Biscuitery, you can rest assured that you will receive real homemade cookies.

Site type: Online store

Project duration: 3 years.


  • Develop a project design
  • Develop a website
  • Connect and configure the CRM system
  • Conduct SEO work


  • Created project design
  • Website created
  • Connected and configured CRM system
  • Necessary SEO works are carried out
  • Additional services are connected
  • The site is listed in the top

Technologies used: PHP, WordPress, JS.

Team: Project Manager, Designer UI / UX, Full Stack Dev, Marketer, SEO Specialist, Copywriter.

Project Link:

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