Oleksandr Miroshnykov is a stone-cutter and jeweler. Also, he is an Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Stonemasonry, Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Full Cavalier of the Faberge Memorial Fund Awards, and Honorary Citizen of Mykolayiv city of Lviv region.

Oleksandr Miroshnykov has been working with precious stones and metals for over 20 years. He has created a vast number of unique compositions that impress with both content and virtuosity of performance. Oleksandr Miroshnykov has improved existing and developed unique technologies for the processing of semi-precious stones, which allows obtaining visual effects that are not peculiar to such materials, such as the effect of foamed water from rock crystal (the work of “Mermaid of Dniester”). At the same time, he has developed a technique of artistic microminiature execution of elements with a high degree of detalization (works “Vacations”, “To bait the hook”, “Thirst for Life,” “Little Thief”). Oleksandr Miroshnikov is also the author of many original and unique jewelry (“Astrolabe”, “Colosseum”, “Space ornaments,” “Birth of talent”) that have no analogues in this kind of art.

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