About the project:

Bulletin board-auction for the American and Canadian markets.

The project is in the final stages and its full launch is expected soon.

In this project, crazy functionality for working with people on a referral link.

Virtually every American or Canadian and even people abroad will be able to sell their goods and buy profitably through the Prynext platform and participate in auctions.

Site type: bulletin board – auction.

Project duration: 2 years.


  • Create a site
  • Create a project design
  • Develop all the functionality for business automation
  • Connect the necessary payment systems
  • Make a referral system
  • Work on project marketing
  • Conduct SEO and SMM strategies
  • Create mobile applications for Android and iOS


  • Created project design
  • Website created (finishing works are underway)
  • Business automation systems are connected
  • A referral system has been created
  • Work has begun on marketing the project
  • Started SEO and SMM work

Technologies used: JavaScript, CSS, WordPress, OSclass CMS, PHP, Laravel, Java, Swift, React Native.

Team: Project Manager, Designer UI / UX, Full Stack Senior Team Lead Dev, 2 Front-end Middle Dev, 2 Back-end Middle Dev, Marketer, SEO / SMM Specialist, Copywriter.

Web, Android & iOS Application
Project Link:

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