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Health Intelligence Springbuk is a health intelligence company. We were built out of the idea that employers sit at the center of this ecosystem called ‘healthcare’, and we were looking across the landscape of the major decision-makers, and took a freakanomics-type approach to- who are the companies or organizations that have the biggest impact or levers economically? And what we came to was that the employer has the biggest lever in the United States. And they are the most aligned to you and I as human beings in that they are rewarded when we’re healthy, and they’re penalized when we’re sick.

So we started to break that out and say, “Okay, if that’s the case, then how can we create better information so the employer can, all the way through the employee, deliver better care and at the best economic value possible?”

And so Springbuk was born out of that idea of being able to prevent disease with data at the employee level, but then support the economic engine of the employer with lower healthcare costs.

The employer sits at the center and they own this big lever that they can affect change because they choose benefits, they choose point solutions, and they’re the ones that support it economically.

We said, “Let’s figure out a way that we can prevent disease with data and use the most modern architecture, the most modern paradigms and leap into the future, not just getting a little bit better incrementally, but actually imagining a whole new world of healthcare and the way it’s delivered.”

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