About the project:

Global Wood Power manufactures environmentally friendly coal from hardwoods.

A private company headquartered in Ukraine.

5 years of export experience to Asian and European markets.
Three own production bases.
Large packaging and distribution warehouse.
Product control by systematic laboratory tests.
An efficient logistics structure has been developed.
Build business on the principles of stability and transparency.

Site type: corporate site.

Project duration: 7 years.


  • Create a project design
  • Develop a website
  • Conduct SEO work
  • Connect services to work with the database and documents



  • Created project design
  • Website created
  • Necessary SEO works are carried out
  • The site is listed in the top search
  • All necessary services are connected


Technologies used: WordPress, JS, PHP.

Team: Designer UI / UX, Full Stack Dev, SEO specialist, Copywriter.


Project Link:

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